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Practice Areas

  • Personal Injury

    Personal Injury Advocacy is part of general trial practice, however it has its own nuances. The Firm has a proven record of Personal Injury Advocacy, in which our team of attorneys seeks to analyze and study every detail from different perspectives. We served our clients by thoroughly researching the case both legally and factually, obtaining expert’s reports, and compiling an estimated calculation of damages. Therefore, we are able to present all that information in a comprehensive settlement demand. In the Virgin Islands it is important to contact a lawyer quickly when you have a personal injury case, or even if you think you might have a personal injury case because the statute of limitations is very short.  This can often be an issue since medical treatment can take a long time.

  • Employment and Civil Rights Law

    The Firm has a long standing record of expertise in Employment Law, representing both employers and employees. Some of the areas we have actively litigated cases in include: Wrongful Discharge, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy Discrimination, Fair Labor Standard Claims, Wage and Hour, ERISA violations, breach of contract and defamation. The Law Offices is one of the most reputable and experienced litigation firms in the U.S. Virgin Islands in Discrimination and Civil Rights Law. Our firm has an extensive record representing clients in sexual harassment cases, and discrimination of all types. These discrimination cases include: race, gender, sex, national origin, and religion.

  • Commercial Litigation

  • General Trial Advocacy

    In most instances, General Trial Advocacy involves efforts to settle any dispute prior to commencing a lawsuit. As your lawyer, we work to obtain a favorable resolution in an expedient manner. Should settlement negotiations fail, we commence litigation and engage in discovery, motions practice, and trial. The Firm represents clients in all matters pertaining to torts, personal injury, nuisance, breach of contract, debt, and products liability, among others.

  • Real Estate

    Our team of attorneys have substantial experience in Affordable Housing Law, including Mixed Finance and Low Income Tax Credit development, landlord tenant issues, foreclosures, commercial and residential closings, drafting and negotiating leases, loan agreements, purchase options, rights of first refusal and management agreements.

  • Appellate Advocacy

    Appellate Advocacy is the representation of a person or company on appeal, whether criminal or civil. In a broader sense, appellate advocacy involves legal analysis from the outset of a matter at trial; in preparing for trials and hearings the appellate lawyers will identify issues to be preserved for challenge on appeal should this be necessary. Alternatively, should a client seek representation on appeal, the appellate lawyers will review the trial records and identify the issues to be presented. The Law Offices engages in a general appellate practice and has significant experience in tort and personal injury appeals, criminal appeals, contract appeals, and property appeals. In our practice as your counsel, we will meet with you to explain the process, review the files and records, identify and evaluate the issues for appeal, draft the brief(s) to the court, and present at oral arguments before the court.

  • Insurance Defense

  • Family Law

    Family Law in the Virgin Islands is subject to the jurisdiction of the Family Division of the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands. While many of the practices and procedures are the same as in the trial division. Family Law practice tends to focus more on mediation and conciliation with the parties cooperatively resolving custody, support, and alimony issues. As a no fault jurisdiction, family law issues generally concern factors such as earning capacity and age of the parties. The overall focus of this practice is fair and equitable division of the marital property.

  • Environmental Law

    We are at the forefront of traditional and emerging-related environmental law, natural resource law, climate change, and sustainability issues. Our practice also includes advice on local and national compliance, permitting, and enforcement matters. We also provide representation in litigation.

  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

    In the area of Creditor’s Rights and Bankruptcy, we carefully guide our clients and handle creditor’s claims and collection of commercial debt. We provide reliable and rigorous counseling in the area of foreclosure. Our attorneys provide services to creditors on defaulted commercial and residential mortgage loans and can guide you through the creditor side of the bankruptcy process.

  • Social Security and Veteran Administration Benefits

    Our attorney’s provide assistance with filling Social Security Disability and Veteran Administration Benefits and handling the appeals.  We assist in the areas of continuing and past due benefits; appealing a denied Social Security Disability claim; and preparing for disability hearings.

  • Administrative Law

    We represent a broad range of individuals and business in the area of Administrative Law. Our law practice in the Virgin Islands includes appearing before both local and federal administrative bodies to include, the Virgin Islands Board of Land Use Appeal, PERB and the Virgin Islands Department of Labor.